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The Problem With Potholes

Every driver has run over a pothole that they hoped didn’t cause a costly repair to their vehicle. Not only are they problematic for your vehicle, they can also be a slip or trip hazard to pedestrians that unknowingly pass over them. If your parking lot is pitted with multiple ...
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Should Your Seal Cracks in your Asphalt?

Cracks in your asphalt's surface can leave your driveway or parking lot exposed to water. When it settles below in the base layers, it allows for a faster deterioration of your driveway or parking lot. One of the more common methods for treating cracks in your asphalt is to use ...
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Asphalt Cracks & Crack Sealing

Cracks in your parking lot are not only an unattractive eyesore, they can create problems below the surface, damaging the structural instability throughout your asphalt surfaces. Cracks create a vulnerability in your asphalt that allows dirt, debris and moisture to settle below the surface to the sub layers. As moisture ...
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Winter Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Whether it’s asphalt or concrete, your home's driveway takes a lot of punishment all year long. The constant exposure to the elements, especially during the winter months, can be very taxing of your surfaces. However, with a little work and preparation, you can keep your driveway clear and looking great ...
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Asphalt Sealcoating: Why Seal Asphalt?

The Importance of Sealcoating When it comes to asphalt most people never think about the surface they walk or drive on until there's an issue. Asphalt pavement primarily consists of rock, stone and gravel, along with a binding agent known as asphalt cement to hold it all together. This binder ...
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Autumn Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Here In Western New York fall is in full swing and before you know it the winter weather will hinder your asphalt maintenance plans. It’s important to use the time you have left to ensure your asphalt surfaces are ready for the icy season ahead. Asphalt surfaces have a typical ...
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